About the Writer

Starting from a small located city in Indonesia, a young girl finally made it to at least learn drips and drabs about English literature. Inspired by most of the literature works she read, such as Alexandre Dumas, Paulo Coelho, JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling, RR Martin, she was able to humbly create sentences. Though English is her foreign language, she never despairs to master herself to utter the unspoken words in her mind into readable work in-once again, an alien language. Her work may still be a novice, but her will is courageous with the hope that one day people will mistake her work to a native English author’s work.

Regardless what people may think, she keeps on doing her bliss. For her, her writings are her children and her greatest gift. Something to look forward to everyday. Her imagination is wild and vivid. Language will not be an enemy.

I write simply because it is who I am not my job.

I dont have to change my surname to Roxane, or any english names for people to appreciate me. People can come and go easily, but my love for my writings will always remain.

-Listya Widyasari (The Lizard Liz)



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