The Request

August 23, 2011 at 12:06 pm (Fantasy, Fiction, screenplay, the oracle) (, , )

Laura squints and peers over a tiny aperture at the door which stands ajar.

Edward and Castor sit opposite each other.  Their eyes are intense, glowering at each other.  A sheathed sword is on Edward’s hip. His hands are at the table clutching and he is steady, confident, and handsome.  Castor looks rather glum, drab, and mean, but in his quietude we can see his attractive appearance which is not often shown when he runs a mock. He is ready to attack anytime. His arms are crossing at his chest. His head tilts a little bit down to his neck but his eyes are looking straight at Edward, scrutinizing him and peeling his valiant will. Castor, however, does not carry weapon on his hip, only a necklace with a queerest symbol flops down on his chest. The necklace flickers a glint of golden light.

There is a long pause and tension during the silent. They are only exchanging killing look.

Laura glances at Alan who is taking a peek to the tense quietude next to her. Alan shares a look with her, noticing her apprehension. Then Alan taps gently his sheathed sword on his hip, giving meaning to Laura that he is ready for action if anything bad happens to Edward. Thus Laura nods. They go peer a little bit more.

“I ask no harm, wolf.” Edward’s voice breaks the silent. “Only a little help which I will pay worthy in return.”



  1. xxo said,

    castor….ooo castor…..

  2. hotshot bald cop said,

    Now that is some wonderful literature.

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