When You Get Disheartened

August 6, 2011 at 1:33 am (Fantasy, short stories) (, , , , )

“What awaits us in the Isle of Rockheart?” asked Alan.

Edward glanced at him then back to the island which drew near. “I frankly don’t know. The eye guides us there. There must be an answer, the elixir is near.”

Alan seemed to not get impressed of the happy news. “You are the captain of the ship, Edward,” said Alan which drew Edward’s attention.

Edward looked at Alan but said none. Alan’s look was inscrutable, very hard to understand what he meant. But Edward thought he knew what Alan meant.

“In case you forgot.” Then Alan walked down the main deck into the cabin.

Edward was frozen at the poop deck, contemplating to what he said. But then he looked over the ocean, not really taking anything he was seeing.  Alan was right, he was a captain of a ship, the leader of his crew. Recently Edward had been thinking of his attitude, for as if he couldn’t survive without Vernus, though half of the fact might be right, but such dependent attitude burdened him from moving on. He felt lost, unaware of what he was capable of.

Inside of his heart he hollered out loud that he was a coward and it disheartened him even more.

This feeling he traced back, in order to release, that he was weary of looking for Henry. He had ventured some of the places, he knew he still needed to venture more, but those searches were in order to find Henry, his own beloved blood brother. Unavailing searches had led the case gone cold, and so did Edward’s heart. Hope was suddenly scanty and scarce.  He suddenly allowed all those successive attacks of negative thought to flow in his vein, making him feel unworthy at all. His voice which was gentle and confident now turned wobbly.



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