The Journey

August 2, 2011 at 8:52 am (Fantasy, Fiction, short stories) (, , , , , , )

There was a spreading rumor about an elixir that harnessed the power to cure all illness. Some said it could resuscitate even the dead. But none had ever witnessed the elixir of Diamas itself. Only Diamas, Himself, would know how powerful the elixir was, but alas Diamas was only living in a legend known as an angel who lived in heaven.

If Diamas was a legend, the elixir could be no more than a tale. But if it was fraud, people benefitted from it by selling ships, provisions and fake maps to those who got fooled. Edward, however, did not buy that, he had the eye anyway.

He had already seen with his bare eyes the strangest world he was in, monsters that he could never thought to encounter.  He thought, he could put a faith in this tale with all his heart, he knew it was true by gut feeling. In such world, anything was possible. Though doubting could not be casted away, but he found solitude in believing he’d find a way or more into the thought that doing something was better than doing nothing at all.

But whether he was the only one who believed in the tale, he did not know. What he knew that time was to seek the cure to revive Laura from her comatose period.  He was oblivious of one thing that another vessel was in tow. There stood a man with the darkest aura, a man with the power of the immortal. The one that would bring the answer.

Based on a screenplay ‘The Oracle’ by Listya Widyasari



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  1. hotshot bald cop said,

    Nicely stated & with excellent timing

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