Castor Delacroix

July 17, 2011 at 3:00 pm (Fantasy, Fiction, Poetry, Romance, screenplay, short stories, Uncategorized)

His transformation killed him. Undying pain went for centuries. As one night, he beseeched upon God to kill him for such pain he could not bear. But God answered in whispers of winds. He was lying there, incapacitated, only tears could describe the suffering where reminisce could not save.  His hollering was glum, and his tears were of greatest sadness. The whole event was sepulchral.

I implore… so this could not happen to a body that is weak and a heart that is weary.

Spare me, for I am lost. Will I prevail… Ever.

Based on A Screenplay ‘The Oracle: Episode 5’ by Listya Widyasari’



  1. Anang Pratika said,

    hahhah the sadness story…

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