About Laura and Alan #2

July 16, 2011 at 2:26 pm (screenplay, short stories)

Laura was examining a glass shop. All of the beauty crystals were displayed on the shop and she was thinking to buy it.  It was the other time that she did not want people to think she was just loitering around; at least she would buy something. She knew she was about to go home that night, but just peeking into the shop would not hurt anybody, she thought.

Then she went in that time, oblivious of the fact that some men were tailing her since the very beginning.

Not long, she went out of the store, bringing a paper bag of a crystal glass. Happiness was seen on her face. She was ready to go home. There, she walked upon the aisle; a very quiet aisle and the dim lights were the only friends. She admitted that the pang of fear suddenly aroused. She felt she had been followed. She walked faster and the footsteps were heard louder. She looked over her shoulder and found four huge men were following her. She ran and reached the end of the aisle. She couldn’t think of anywhere to run, she just ran to wherever she felt safer, though it leaded her finally to two more men that were waiting for her in the end of the road.

Then it was the other time I saw him.

Alan came from the bridge, riding a black horse. The Horse ran to the place and whines, kicking two men off the bridge into the river. The horse turned around to harass the four men who were about to hurt her.

Laura found a place to hide while they were busy fighting. As soon as the four men ran away, Alan and his horse were walking slowly right to the place where she hid. He got off the horse and walked up.

Laura was hunkering, pretending to not realize someone was walking up to her. She was struck in fear, but glad to know that her crystal glass was safe.

Alan stood before her, giving her, his hand. She oddly took the hand and rose up.

Alan’s blue eyes were seen looking at her.

“What do you want, Mister,” Said Laura oddly, while glancing away from his blue eyes.

“Do you want to die?” said him.

Laura quickly looked at him in the eyes, surprised of what she heard. “I beg your pardon?”

“You know those guys, yes?” asked Alan.

“No,  they’re probably some thieves, following me along the way to take my stuff.”

Alan was silent, he just looked at her eyes, giving her impression of the thieves that they did not want the stuff, instead they wanted her life. Without saying anything, Alan nodded to pay respect then he walked up to his horse and mounted it.

Laura was still standing there oddly, waiting for Alan to walk away. Then he walked away with his horse, and she started walking following the horse.

Alan halted his horse. He looked at her. “Come,” said him while offering his hand. She grabbed his hand and mounted the horse. They walked away from the scene as she rested her head on his back, and curled her arm onto his chest.

Based on a Screenplay ‘The Oracle©’ by Listya Widyasari. 2011.



  1. solomondutch said,

    I’m going to have to look up ‘The Oracle’ now:-)

    • The Lizard Liz said,

      Thanks… The Oracle is a screenplay of 22 episodes and it is not published online 🙂 but hey, you made my day!

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