About the Squabble

July 13, 2011 at 10:56 am (screenplay, Uncategorized)

Edward and Alan are glaring each other.

“No one should live like that, Edward. I thought you knew better,” said Alan.

“And what do you know, assassin!” cried Edward. “You do not know how people should live, because you only live to kill them. You do not know how they have spent endless night in terror, because you were the terror itself, how can you know how one should live.”

Alan is silent, and is still glaring at Edward. “I know because I do not enjoy killing.” Alan throws his sword aside and is turning away after glaring at Edward.

All the crews of The Oracle are looking at Edward as Alan goes away. Laura is glaring at Edward as Alan walks past her. Edward is silent, and is being awkward to be glared by his crew at his own ship.

“What are you looking at! Go back to work!” he hollers.

All crew are going back to work except Laura who is still looking at Edward. Edward notices but Laura is dismissing herself. Edward sees her eyes that are striking him with blame.

In dinner time, Laura is eating along with other crew. Once Edward descends the stairs and enters the room, she glances at him then back again at her food. As what she doesn’t want happens that Edward sits opposite her.

“Laura,” says Edward.

Laura glances at him. “Yes, what do you enquire, your majesty.”

Edward sighs. “Could you please stop calling me your majesty, I know that you are disappointed at me.”

Laura stops eating, she looks at Edward. “And yes I am. Edward, those people don’t deserve living like that and you know it.”

Edward scoffs. “You sound like Alan.”

Laura looks at him, with disbelief. “You know, maybe I believe what Alan has said. What I know that he speaks the truth. He is an assassin, but he is a human, just like you are. But I am surprised that an assassin knows a lot better than a royal majesty.”

Laura takes her plate and moves away from the table. She sits down with Jules and Alan.

Edward heaves a derogatory laugh.  “And now I am a stranger in my own ship.”

Laura sits silent. Jules is looking at her, feeling her uneasiness. Alan glances at Laura.

“It has to be this way so he will learn,” says Laura.

Jules looks at Edward who is eating by himself. “I might sit with the captain. But to make him change, we know that nobody in here could change his mind, but you.”

Alan looks at Jules. Laura is looking at Jules as well, confused. “Me? How on earth can I change a stubborn arrogant royal prince’s mind?”

Jules is getting ready to move seat. “Don’t you know, we all know that the captain likes you.”

Alan is as surprised as Laura, though he doesn’t say anything, he quickly looks at Laura.

Jules moves to accompany the captain. Laura is still silent, accompanied by Alan who is chewing his food slowly.  Laura is seen thinking. She looks at here and there, but ends up meeting Alan’s gaze.

“What?” asks Laura.

“I didn’t say anything,” answers Alan.

“Yes you just did, by the look of your eyes.  You’re thinking of telling me to urge Edward to stop acting like a fool, and suggesting me that I need to sleep with him to change his mind.”

Alan holds up both palms. “I really did not and do not think that way.”

“Then why are you looking at me like that?” asks Laura.

Alan senses that it is going to be an endless squabble.  “Right, fate has been unkind to me for I cannot see a pretty lady who is upset. Next time I will close my eyes.”

“Oh,” Laura blushes, “Sorry about that.”

She holds her smile, but she can’t help chuckling about her exaggerated thought.

Based on a Screenplay ‘The Oracle’ by Listya Widyasari.


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  1. Anang Pratika said,

    good story sist. i like this word “He is an assassin, but he is a human”. hahhah assassin still have a heart. before you are killing someone you must killing your heart first.

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