About Alan and Laura #1

July 13, 2011 at 10:39 am (screenplay)

Alan is looking at the town in a distance from the front deck.

Jules is running up next to Alan to see the town, excitedly. “Town ahead.”

Edward is tottering to walk, as he is still holding on his stomach wound. He walks up to Alan and sees a beautiful town ahead. Mountains are seen behind the town. River is neatly flowing into town.

“It is beautiful town, you should check it out”, says Edward.

Alan nods. He is then walking away to do what Edward says, but then Edward stops him before he gets out of the ship.

“Take her with you, Alan,” says Edward while looking at Laura who is busy staying in her contemplation looking over the town.  “I think you both need it.”

Alan is looking at Laura, remembering that though they are in the same ship, they never or rarely I should say, to talk with each other. Since the last time they fell into abyss of time, and arrived in a strange different kind of world, Alan never really discusses about what happened in their real life. Though Laura already knows Alan did not kill her family, but he never apologizes about whats happening. He might seem to be an ignorant person, but he just doesn’t know how to start a conversation. Maybe because he doesn’t really know her.

“You need to get to know her, Alan,” says Edward as if he read Alan’s thought. “I believe there are a lot of things that you need to talk with her.”

Alan looks at Edward, wondering how he knew just about what Alan needs to do, confronting his fear.

It is fear that has led Alan away from Laura. Fear of rejection and hatred. For the first time in his life, he is too afraid to be hated by someone he just saved. He’d rather not know what she feels than being hated because of what he chose in life-when he already given up his career and is trying to alter his life to be a good man.

Edward gives a smile.

Alan seems to think and has a hard time to decide.

“Don’t let me say the words you don’t like,” says Edward.

“That I am a coward?” says Alan.

“I didn’t say it,” says Edward. He gently taps Alan’s shoulder. “Come on,  Alan.  There are things that are meant to finish, and I know by heart, you are no procrastinator.”

“Wait…” says Alan. “How did you know that-“

“Theres no time to waste,” bridges Edward as he walks away, avoiding his question. “See you soon.”

Edward didn’t want to admit that he had been listening for a list of complaints from Laura about Alan.

Alan then heaves a sigh. He thinks, this is it, the time that he has to face his greatest fear. Though he is not sure, himself, of why such fear exists towards dealing with a lady. He thinks it is time to solve it all.

He walks up to Laura. “Milady,” says Alan.

Laura turns around and greets Alan with a smile. “Alan, how can I help you?”

“Nothing. I am just wondering if you want to browse the town with me?” says Alan, hoping, by heart, that she would not reject.

Laura looks at the town then looks back at Alan. “Why not, let’s go.”

Though it may be a little bit odd for Alan to walk with Laura to a stranger town, but at least, he feels a relief-though it may be just a little bit. The awkwardness he has to face when he walks together with him, don’t know what’s going to be the topic for the talk along the way.

They are walking past the beach into the pathway leading to town.

Laura seems to be exhausted. “Oh my god, it has been long time I never had a good walk.” She is stretching.

“Well, do you want to rest for a bit?” says Alan, oddly.

“No way, lets walk,” says Laura.

They are walking up to the town which is filled with peasants who are friendly. The town is garrisoned with strong building and peasants houses are just located out of the garrison gate. They have been walking for minutes and not talking to each other until they enter the garrison gate. They start seeing city life.

“This is a whole lot different world, Alan, and I am getting lonely if you don’t talk,” says Laura.

“I am sorry,” says Alan while walking. Laura looks at Alan, “You don’t need to be sorry, I was just saying that it is very quiet if you don’t talk. And I don’t want to do whole talking.”

“No, I mean really, I am sorry for what happened in our world, where your family ..”

“Oh…” Laura is silent.

“I… this is crazy,” he mutters but then he looks at Laura and halts his step as she is halting her step as well and is focused on Alan.

“I am deeply sorry, I would’ve saved them, if I knew they were your family.” It is very hard for Alan to arrange a good sentence to not provoke arguments, but it seems that everything is out of his control. Alan senses a pang of arguments.

“And if they weren’t my family, you would’ve killed them? Is that what you are trying to say?” ask Laura in sarcasm.

“No,” says Alan. He is silent for a bit to say a word that seems to be hard to say, but he finally says it, “Please… Listen to me.”

Alan’s eyes are sincere and Laura catches that. She is calming herself down and her tone starts slowing down. “How about if we find somewhere to talk.”

They walk for a little bit until they finally reaches a place that looks like a tavern. They enter it.

Laura is shocked, seeing all alluring girls are greeting Alan.

“A brothel? Is this a good place to talk?” asks Laura to Alan.

A madame is coming to greet Alan and is looking at Laura, as if she was scrutinizing her of stealing.

“We do have girls, but we do not have men,” she says to Laura.

“Madame,” Alan kisses madame’s hand. “I will be back later.”

Alan leads Laura out of the brothel.

“What, why are you doing it, are you going to go back there and leaving me here in town?” says Laura.

“It was just a small talk to save us out from there, I am sorry but this town is unknown to me. Lets find another place,” says Alan.

They are walking into town but they seem to find not a place to drink and to sit down until finally they reach a pathway to a hill overlooking ocean. There is a seat facing the great scenery, then they decide to stop and sit there.

They are silent for a while, Laura is looking at the ocean and is contemplating, while Alan, thinks that he doesn’t want to disturb her time of peace. But then, Laura turns her head and looks at him. Alan who is looking at another side meets her glance and for a second, the sun shines her face and it is just a perfect time in the world to see the most beautiful lady on earth that he ever met.  Alan is transfixed looking at her beauty.

“What is it that you want to say?” says her.

“I do not enjoy  killing,” says Alan. “And I am sorry for what Morret had done to your family. And if they weren’t your family, and if I had a chance, yes I would’ve killed them. Because I had to obey the order.”

“And what is the point of you telling me this?” says Laura who is pointing out another argument.

“Please Laura, I do not want to argue, I just beseech your ears.”

Laura is silent again and is calming down, then she looks back at Alan, hoping him to continue.

“It is really hard for me to say this, but I have changed. I have made a decision, that I will no longer work as an assassin. This whole new world has changed me, and changed the way I look into the world. It has changed the way I see life, and peace… moreover, forgiveness.”

Laura starts recognizing what bothers Alan’s mind though she keeps silent listening to him.

“For some reason I believe by saving your life, and keeping you safe, will make me forgive myself and redeem all the sins I have made. Because other than that I am just a low son of a bitch, who deserves no mercy, and only the gallows would prove justice for me.”

She keeps looking at him and she understands.

“Please, for the sake of the gods who I believed not, give me mercy.”

“Alan, what are you talking about?” says her softly.

Alan does not know what he just talked about as he just beseeched her for something that he did, and did not relate to her in a way.  He just feel that for some reason, her forgiveness means a lot to him.

“Oh such burden has turned a man upside down, I wish I knew earlier, I am sorry, Alan.” Says Laura. “I had been hating you from the very beginning, and now, I realize that it is not wise for me to continue the endless hatred for it is only to curse both of us. I am sorry..”

“No, I am sorry, I can understand you hating me, and that is totally fine,” says Alan.

“No, really, I am sorry, I was talking about Morret which is evil but yet myself was evil to you, “ says Laura. “Alan, the death of my family had to happen. And it is the past and I know that you are trying hard to fix it all, but I was too selfish to understand. I am sorry.”

Alan is silent, he doesn’t understand why all turns that way.

Laura holds Alan’s hands with her both hands. “And you are already forgiven.”

Alan is amazed as he is teary himself. Never thought such words could bring him such joy. All the burden on his back seem to be getting lesser.

Laura kisses his cheek. “How do you feel now?”

“Thank you,” says Alan. He leans forward as he leads Laura’s shoulder into his arms. He hugs her with gratitude, though his heart seems to signal something more emotional. Laura rests her head on his shoulder and hugs him tight while smiling sincerely, “how could I have been so selfish,” she thinks to herself. “For one man needs my forgiveness more than anything that I never gave, though I always ask God to always forgive my sins.”

From there, Alan realized that his heart beats so fast as he hugs her. There is something greater than his reason to be forgiven by saving her. Something that he is very afraid to reveal. For a second, he wishes that he could have her in his arms forever.

“Are we friends now? No more cold war?” says Laura. Alan breaks the hug and smiles.

“There is never a cold war,” says Alan.

“Oh,” says Laura as she chuckles.  Then she laughs. Alan furrows his eyebrows, wondering why she laughs.

“Whats funny?”

“Oh, we’re acting like children,” says Laura, she is laughing under the sun and the reflection of her face is seen bright and beautiful. Alan can only smile as he makes the most of his time seeing a beautiful angel in front of him.

Based on A screenplay ‘The Oracle’ by Listya Widyasari.


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